Coursemaster Select – a multiway digital system transmitting either from instructor to trainee or from trainee to instructor.

Coursemaster Select is setting new standards with the latest development: The Coursemaster DVI system! The latest DVI system offers a combination of “digital high tech”, easy and intuitive operation.

This new system has all the capabilities of the previous Coursemaster Select system … and more! DVI means that digital screen images can be transmitted to the trainees’ stations in real time. Highly developed electronics assure the images are transmitted without any loss of quality or time delay. A single cable is able to transmit resolutions of 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz and higher. This is possible within the basic version (not an additional option). The system is fully compatible with all digital screens and graphic boards.

The DVI system has been developed using the same instructor keyboard as the current Coursemaster Select system and has the same operation, which means that instructors can use the system without the need for retraining.

The animation below highlights some of the key features of Coursemaster DVI. Click here to load a full screen, interactive version.

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Coursemaster DVI still retains many of the features of the original Coursemaster Select system that have made the system so popular.

  • DVI still operates independently of the hardware, software and operating systems already in use.
  • Modular design – making the system easily extendable.
  • No interference with your network performance
  • Blanking of trainee screens (single, group, or all trainees)
  • Videoscan (Monitoring) of trainee monitors
  • Controller keyboard can be laid out to emulate the seating arrangements

Coursemaster DVI also has a number of optional functions including:

  • Integration and use of document cameras, microscopes etc
  • Dual-Trainer-Operation (two trainer workstations)
  • Dual-Screen-Mode (trainees using 2 monitors per desk)

The Coursemaster Select DVI system has some additional features that make it a very useful tool in the training room:

  • Allows connection of your audiovisual equipment (e.g. projector, interactive whiteboard, DVD-player, TV, etc.) with each other, providing a flexible interaction of all Multimedia products.
  • Any trainee’s screen can be broadcasted to a single trainee/a group of trainees/all trainees
  • Multiple/comparative demonstration of screen images.
  • Each Coursemaster DVI Interface has its own individual power supply that allows the system flexible configuration for different room structures – star, ring, satellite or coupling.
  • Flexible integration of projectors, notebook, server, etc.
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A specially developed system within the DVI system turns off all Coursemaster components when the computers of each workstation are turned off, thus reducing the electricity consumption in the training room & cutting the electricity bill.

For more information on the Coursemaster Select DVI systems, download the brochure here, or please contact us.

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