Coursemaster Select – a multiway system transmitting either from instructor to trainee or from trainee to instructor.

This is an advanced hardware solution, transmitting the selected screen image in real-time to either a single trainee, a group of trainees or to all trainees. Coursemaster Select makes the IT classroom more efficient by allowing instructors to teach over 40 trainees in a single classroom, as easily as teaching just one or two trainees. Coursemaster Select allows the instructor to answer trainees’ questions and problems quicker than ever, making the lessons more interesting for both trainee and instructor.

Coursemaster Select Basic Functions at a glance:

  • Instructor sends their screen image to
    individual trainees / a group of trainees / all trainees
  • Transmission of trainee screen to the instructor's screen
  • Instructor sends a trainee screen image to
    individual trainees / a group of trainees / all trainees
  • Blanking of trainee screens
  • Video scan of trainee screens by instructor
  • Instructor keypad can be laid out similarly to seating arrangements

Coursemaster Select Optional Functions at a glance:

  • Interactive remote control of keyboards and mice
  • Lock of keyboards and mice
  • Highlighter / Marker
  • Integration of notebook / projector
  • Integration of a video source
  • Advanced function (simultaneous projection)
  • Second teacher mode
  • Coupling of several Multi-way systems
  • Audio-Line (stereo) for language lab training
  • Help Button

As the instructor can transmit their screen to each trainee, the Coursemaster Select system ensures perfect viewing conditions for all trainees and thus focuses their attention. This is reinforced by the ability to blank either individual screens, a group of screens or all screens and lock the keyboards, which means that trainees cannot use their PC’s until the trainer unlocks them again.

The animation below highlights some of the key features of Coursemaster Select. Click here to load a full screen, interactive version.

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For more information on the Coursemaster Select systems, download the brochure here, or please contact us.

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