Coursemaster View – a one-way system transmitting from trainee to instructor.

Coursemaster View combines the transmission of teaching contents with simultaneous visualization in the perfect way. Coursemaster View allows the instructor to look at the screen of any trainee and also offers the instructor the option to send a trainee's screen to a projector, making active participation possible for each trainee.

Coursemaster View Functions at a glance:

  • Transmission of trainee screen to the instructor's screen
  • Transmission of trainee screen to the projector
  • Remote Control of each trainee
  • Lock each trainee's keyboard and mouse
  • Help button
  • Audio-Line

The animation below highlights some of the key features of Coursemaster View. Click here to load a full screen, interactive version.

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For more information on the Coursemaster View systems, download the brochure here, or please contact us.

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